Anonymous asked: FMK: Addison, Christal, Caroline

F: Addison

M: Christal

K: Caroline

Anonymous asked: fmk: hayley, caroline, addison

F: Caroline

M: Addison

K: Hayley

I’ve missed the cheesecake factory



Was it? So how many died?


Just one surprisingly.

Anonymous asked: Are men hardwired to cheat?


Anonymous asked: Why are men more willing to get naked at the drop of a hat?

I think it’s the opposite.

Anonymous asked: Why do peen rings make a dude’s junk look so adorbs?

What does adorbs mean?

I’ve missed the cheesecake factory



Good, because I hate them. Thank you. How was dinner?

I hate them probably more than you do. Dinner was fantastic.

Ask me things.

Text || Klaus

  • Addison: Second time since I came here that I'm at the verge of death.
  • Addison: All I think of could've gone much worst. The outcome I saw was much worst.
  • Klaus: It could have been worse. You could have died.